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We are dedicated to ensuring your workplace is a beacon of health and safety. With years of experience in the industry, our team of certified professionals provides all your needs under one roof.



Managing health and safety involves implementing measures to protect the well-being of individuals in various environments. This includes identifying and mitigating risks, promoting safe practices, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations. Effective management of health and safety requires thorough risk assessments, clear communication of safety protocols, providing appropriate training, maintaining a safe work environment, and continuously monitoring and evaluating safety performance. By prioritizing health and safety, organizations can safeguard their employees, customers, and the community while fostering a culture of responsibility and well-being.

What our customers says

Inqaba was a one stop solution taking care of all our needs on site .

—Andre Kock, Developer

Thank you for the continuous support and dedication !

—Greg Munro, GSM Plumping

Thank you for a cost effective solution to my health and safety needs !!

—Shaun Jacobson, Events Manager